Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD is an anxiety disorder that results from being exposed to extraordinary situations which induce powerful emotional reactions that persist beyond the actual event. PTSD can also occur if a person experiences ongoing high levels of stress, from ordinary life, which last for an excessively long time. Individuals may also experience a single event that is life threatening such as warfare or natural disasters; or a series of events that induce similar powerful feelings that can cause PTSD. People with PTSD can find themselves being startled by sudden noises, having disturbed sleep, experiencing panic attacks, or avoiding specific places, events, or situations that might serve as a reminder of the original experience. PTSD sufferers may also experience emotional numbing, feelings of guilt, depression, or worry, or memory impairment. Flashbacks of the original event may occur and can be triggered by odors, or even sounds. Angry outbursts are not uncommon. Symptoms of PTSD can last a relatively short time and can subside. At times, symptoms can last an extended period of time and can interfere with one’s life activities. Therapeutic intervention consists of the careful application of psychotherapy, behavioral interventions, and meditation/mindfulness practice all of which can effect an individual’s nervous system response, to dampen reactions and to restore peace of mind.

Therapy Groups Now Forming

Therapy Groups Now Forming

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Benefits of Group Therapy:

  • There are no bystanders. Individuals come to learn how to be more receptive, how to listen, and how to express themselves
  • Group therapy can replicate a family, work, or recreational setting, making it more effective
  • Participants are encouraged to talk about what they hear from others, and to discuss how others affect them
  • A group offers the opportunity to receive feedback and affords the individual the opportunity to practice a new behavior
  • Much lower cost advantage

Who Can Attend:

  • Everyone – all ages, genders, and backgrounds are encouraged

Groups Focusing On:

  • Effective Single Parenting
  • Codependence
  • Weight Loss
  • Loss of loved ones

How To Join:

  • Call Dr. Grabau at 813-728-5449
  • Email
  • Initial consultation screenings are scheduled on an as-needed basis by appointment only


  • 14802 Dale Mabry Highway, Ste. 304 (intersection of Dale Mabry and Ehrlich/Bearrs)

Tampa, 33618


  • To Be Announced

Who is Dr. Grabau:

Dr. Grabau has worked extensively for over 30 years in both Spanish and English, striving to deliver the best mental health services possible. Treatment is available for men and women of all ages ranging from school age to seniors.

Endorsement – Karen Harmon

Endorsements regarding training & experiential workshops

Dear Dr. Grabau,
Thank you so much for coming to The Shelter and presenting on the development of personality and the experience of abuse. We found your presentation very informative and interesting.
Karen Harmon
Community Education and Training Manager
The Shelter for Abused Women and Children
Naples, Florida