Geriatric Post-Skilled Nursing Care

mature funDr. Grabau and Geriatric Post-Skilled Nursing Care

Patients are often discharged from their hospital after-care with improved physical abilities while still suffering from residual emotional problems. They may continue to struggle with the long term effects of losses suffered due to medically precipitated events.

There are also those patients who have long term depression, anxiety or additional mental health issues who will remain at high risk of recidivism if their mental health needs are ignored. Their families too suffer from anxiety and confusion due to changes in their parents and siblings. Families can struggle with the impending loss or actual loss of their parents.

OPG-I believes in the continuity of mental health care following skilled nursing care. Discharge from a nursing facility brings with it a new level of concern and possibly vigilance and self-doubt. More often than not there are physical declines to be dealt with, and a redefinition of roles and perhaps levels of dependence.

Staying out of long term care is a priority just as important as recovering from physical losses.

mom and childrenFor Families

Dr. Grabau also understands the tremendous stress that the loss of a loved one can cause especially if the loved one’s illness is protracted. Experience has demonstrated that helping adult children with their relationships with their parents is a great benefit.

OPG-I offers dementia and treatment services including:

  • Grieving
  • Decreasing family conflict
  • Reducing depression and improving outlook
  • Reducing anxiety
  • Reducing dependence upon medication
  • Improving sleep
  • Improving appetite
  • Helping with transitional planning
  • Dementia Assessment