consultationAs with any problem depression can occur along a continuum of severity from mild to severe; from a brief episode to a long chronic condition. Being depressed can be a draining experience leaving a person to feel tired, slow, and no longer able to enjoy what used to be fun and exciting; interests drop away.

Sleep can become difficult or impossible; appetite can decrease and there can be significant weight loss. Feelings more negative in nature become more prevalent and can fill a person’s mind. Hopelessness can be present as well as a decreased ability to enjoy one’s sexuality.

In its extreme depression can create a mental state of no longer wanting to live; planning suicide can occur and even attempts can be made.

The good news is that depression is a workable problem; solutions and treatments exist and can be very effective. Commitment to a course of treatment and being persistent is an important part of any approach. In addition, there are supportive interventions such as medication, and treatment for the individual, for couples, and families. At the right time group therapy is also very effective.